Site Plan Review Milestone For Foundry Place!

Site Plan Review Milestone For Foundry Place!

  • September 6, 2018
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We are pleased to move forward with minor modifications to the site plan design of Lot 3 of Foundry Place, a result of the January site plan review with the city’s Technical Advisory Committee. Our team received positive feedback at the meeting, following a series of improvements previously implemented at the recommendation of the committee. With their vote to move the project along, we have now concluded the TAC review process, a major milestone for Foundry Place!

Some of the major improvements already made to the site design at Foundry Place focus on infiltration systems, including drainage and water treatment at various lot locations. One enhancement includes an underground infiltration zone within the main driving and garage areas; its volume will be able to handle half of an inch of the entire roof runoff. Design improvements have also been made to drainage behind the garage building, an added trench drain on site, directed roof runoff to planting strips, and a parking zone that will feature permeable pavers.

Also discussed at the committee meeting was signage throughout Foundry Place, including clarifications for valet, drop off zones and do-not-enter areas to improve traffic flow for visitors entering and exiting the Foundry Place lots.

We are pleased to have received positive feedback on all these improvements from TAC. The project will now enter Planning Board public hearing, with TAC’s recommendation to approve with their stated stipulations. The Planning Board vote will be the final step in gaining site plan review approval!

Stay tuned for more updates on the redevelopment process at – soon the home of a new parking garage, residential and office spaces, and commercial space that will include a hotel and restaurant.

As always, thank you for your support.
Kim & Ania Rogers