Foundry Place Parking Garage Update

Foundry Place Parking Garage Update

  • September 6, 2018
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The anticipated completion of the Foundry Place Parking Garage could be pushed back one to three weeks due to removal of coal tar at the construction site, an oil-looking substance and byproduct of coal gasification. One of the buildings at the Foundry Place site, which had been demolished by the city to make way for our new parking garage, had a coal gas system in it that created more coal tar than construction crews had previously anticipated.

In order to properly dispose of the coal tar, which includes transporting it to a waste management facility and testing the soil to determine where it will be disposed, the new estimated completion date for the 600-space parking garage is early October of 2018. Portsmouth’s redevelopment project still remains within budget despite the additional effort required to remove the coal tar.

Crews from Consigli Construction Co. are currently doing site and underground utility work at the garage site, while pieces of the actual garage structure are being assembled offsite in Shaftsbury, Vermont. These structures will start arriving piece by piece at Foundry Place in April to begin garage assembly.

We are so excited for Portsmouth to move forward with this project, and optimistic in the new completion schedule for the Foundry Place Garage.

As always, thank you for your support.
Kim & Ania Rogers